Offley Place, Great Offley, Hertfordshire.

The home of George Hughes (1821-1872) and his wife, Anne Salusbury Hughes,
daughter of Samuel Steward and Anne Salusbury. Offley was inherited by George
Hughes's eldest son, Herbert, who died in 1926. The house then passed to his eldest son, Guy,
who sold the house in 1928.

Now a hotel.

Offley Place

As it was (presumably from the other side of the house i.e. the back)

A picnic under the limes at Offley Place.
This picture is undated but I would guess that it was painted in about 1850.

Picnics don't seem to have changed much in the last 150 years. The men are busy reducing everything
to cinders, the dogs are about to pounce on the food and run off with it
and the women are doing all the hard work!

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